From Principal's Desk


Dr. Sourav Kumar Das
From Principal's Words

Dear Aspirant
We are in the midst of a revolution! While the youth of today are taking India to unparalleled heights of prosperity, the entire intellectual community of the world has now woken up to the reality that India is a treasure-house of talent and intelligence. And while the nation is basking in the glory of this new generation that is taking the world by storm, one must note that the only raw material that can make such a great turn-around possible is EDUCATION.
All great achievements are the product of man’s dreams, ambition and dedication to achieve a truly noble goal. ‘KALYANI GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE’ is the crystallization of the efforts, dreams, and aspirations of all the people involved in this mission to give the best to the students who desire to be equipped with the right essentials to be successful in all spheres of this exciting, new and dynamic world where knowledge is everything. Our faculty are into education since past many years and college alumni placed at top technical and corporate houses is a testimony to their endeavour in imparting top quality education to the students. Your potentials and abilities are unlimited. At KGEC we unfold and make you realize this, building TECHNICAL LEADERS with versatile skills who will REIGN THE TECHNICAL ARENA. At KGEC you shall be able to achieve the goals and aspirations of your life. I welcome you to this new world of education at KALYANI GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE.
-- Dr. Sourav Kumar Das, Principal