From Registrar's Desk


Dr. Bishnu Pada Biswas
From Registrar's Words

Dear Aspirant
Right from its inception, West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) has established itself as one of the most successful and credible educational bodies of its kind in the nation. With a long term experience in the field of education, the university has attracted students from all over the country and has developed strong links with the national and international technical community as well. Kalyani Government Engineering College (KGEC) has been established as an institute of great technical stature under the aegis of WBUT. I can say with complete confidence that KGEC presents one of the finest engineering education in the country as it is a community of learners, striving to educate the mind, nurture the spirit, and foster the development of the whole individual. KGEC's dedicated and talented faculty support this mission and the thirst for knowledge and love for learning thrive at KGEC in both students and teachers. If you believe successful engineering education is based on genuine capabilities and profound knowledge, if you wish to go beyond success, and if you are confident that you are among the very best, then KGEC is the place for you.