Computer Science and Engineering


Dear all, I am glad to inform that, Computer Science and Engineering is one of the major disciplines being offered in this college since the outset of this college, in the year 1995, with approval from the All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, India. Two courses are offered in the department: Undergraduate (B.E.) and Postgraduate (M.Tech). The strength of the department is it’s faculty members. The department has a strong group of 17 faculty members with a balanced combination of experienced as well as young blood. The department is equipped with a number of laboratories to cater the need of laboratory courses. All the faculty members are engaged in active research work and can ably guide the students in the classes and project works. A good number of sponsored projects are either carried out or being executed at present. Faculty members also publish good quality research papers frequently. Our students are our real strength. Incumbents in our department are top quality students admitted through WBJEE merit list. In past academic years, all of our students have been picked up by reputed companies. We have excellent network facility in the department also. Hope, the Department will continue to show excellence in future.


To be a department of eminence in teaching learning process and research that produces across-the-board global professionals with profound technical knowledge, strong computational background, human and entrepreneurial qualities for significant contribution to the society.


To endeavor cutting-edge computational and technical knowledge through innovative ICT based teaching-learning process. To develop academic as well as an industry-oriented cutting-edge global research framework. To inculcate strong leadership quality with lifelong learning appetite. To endure human values and ethos among students through socio-economic and community development activities.



Kalyani Government Engineering College being one of the top institutes of West Bengal, provides the students with extensive and very modern laboratories. In the engineering field of work practical knowledge is just much crucial if not more than theory knowledge. Thus to shape the students to be the best of themselves KGEC has provided them with these laboratories that compare with the best of the best. 



  Project Laboratory:

The Project Laboratory here has over 30 machines highly capable of doing strenuous and complex processing such as ML, optimisation etc. This lab is used mainly for final-year projects. This is one of the highest functioning labs of KGEC. This lab also has two projectors. It is fully equipped with all the functions needed to do a theory class with materials. Students sometimes use this lab for their personal project queries and the professors are always ready to help them.

Computational Laboratory:

The Computational Laboratory is mostly used by 2nd and 3rd year students. It has a capacity of 40 machines. Mainly different types of exams and Works based upon University curriculum is done here. Also the projects that have to be submitted for the assessment of students are checked here in person by the professors. They are very helpful and supportive in the assessments and make sure that the students completely understand what they are taught. 













  Hardware Laboratory:

The Hardware Laboratory is used for computer architecture, simulation, computer organization, microprocessors, etc. These are one of the toughest domains and the machines used to work on these are very powerful. Students use these machines for higher programming and personal projects that they are unable to run on their own computers. It helps them grow on their own and the professors are very supportive in this matter.

Advance Programming Laboratory:

The Advance Programing lab has 15 machines but are very powerful, so works related to MATLAB and python are executed here. It has a few of the best machines in KGEC. Many clubs of KGEC such as the coding and robotics club use this lab for their experiments on various machines. The college supports and encourages them on their endeavors.












Computer Centre:

The computer center of KGEC is the largest lab of them, consisting a total of 150 machines. Different kinds of examination and program execution are done here. This is also used by the first years. Also, this is used for assignment checking. This lab is for general use and it is the most used laboratory of them all. Students gather here for their general queries and the staff is always there to help them out.

M.Tech Laboratory:

  The M.Tech Laboratory consisting of 15 machines is mainly used to do the final year works for M.Tech. It delves into a lot of different domains too. M.Tech being one of the toughest higher studies in the technical industry requires the best there can be and at KGEC it is provided in plenty.













Data Structure & Algorithms


Computer Architecture

Formal Language & Automata Theory

Design & Analysis of Algorithms

Compiler Design

Operating Systems

Theory of Computation

Database Management Systems

Computer Networks



Pattern Recognition

Data Warehousing & Data Mining

Cloud Computing

Quantum Computing

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Speech and Natural Language Processing

Big Data Analysis



Academic Year: 2021-2022

    Total Eligible Students for placement: 69

        Placement in B. Tech --- 96%

    Placement in M. Tech --- 4%

   Breakup of Companies recruited:




     Tata Consultancy Services




     Dynamic Digital Technology Private Limited


Academic Year: 2020-2021

    Total Eligible Students for placement: 66

    Placement in B. Tech --- 94%

    Placement in M. Tech --- 6%

    Breakup of Companies recruited:

        Ernst & Young


        Tata Consultancy Services

        Kreeti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



        Dynamic Digital Technology Private Limited

        DE SHAW



Academic Year: 2021-2022

M.Tech / M.S. M.B.A.
6 7

Academic Year: 2020-2021

M.Tech / M.S. M.B.A.
10 7
1. Possessing comprehensive background of basic science, mathematics and engineering, enabling them to solve problems of Computer Science and interdisciplinary fields.
2. Performing well in their profession and / or excel in higher education in computer science and engineering discipline.
3. Exploring and creating innovative technological products based on logical ability.
4. Developing social and environmental concerns in engineering.
5. Creating capability for being a lifelong learner.
The student will be able to:-
1) Understand, analyze and develop computer programs in the areas related to algorithms, system software, multimedia, web design, big data analytics and networking for efficient design of computer-based systems of varying complexity.
2) Apply standard Software Engineering practices and strategies in software project development using open-source programming environment to deliver a quality product for business success.
3) Be acquainted with the contemporary issues, latest trends in technological development and thereby innovate new ideas and solutions to existing problems.

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Prof. Swapan Kumar Mondal

Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering

Prof. (Dr.) Malay Kumar Pakhira

Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Kousik Dasgupta

HOD, Computer Science and Engineering

Mr. Supriyo Banerjee

Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering

Manju Biswas

Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Sourav Banerjee

Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Anup Kumar Biswas

Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering

SACT Faculties

Mr. Kuntal Bhowmick

SACT Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering


Dr Arindrajit Pal

SACT Faculty, Computer Science and Engineering


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