About Internal Quality Assurance Cell 

Welcome to Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Kalyani Government Engineering College. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been established in Kalyani Government Engineering College as proposed by HIgher Education Dept., Govt. of West Bengal, UGC and NAAC to initiate, monitor, evaluate and report on relevant measures to upgrade the quality of teaching, learning, evaluation, research initiatives. The prime task of the IQAC is to develop a system for performance evaluation, assessments, accreditation in order to achieve conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the Institution. It is the part of the Institution’s system and work to  channelize the efforts and measures of an institution towards promoting its holistic academic excellence.

Prime Responsibility of Internal Quality Assurance Cell


  1. Initiate, plan and supervise various activities that are necessary to increase the quality of the education imparted in an institution or college
  2. act as a nodal agency of the Institution for coordinating quality-related activities.


Goal Of Internal Quality Assurance Cell


  1. Development of quality culture in the institution
  2. Development and application of quality benchmark for different academic and administrative activities in the college
  3. Development and maintenance of institutional databases
  4. Dissemination of information on different benchmarks/quality parameters


Benefit Of Internal Quality Assurance Cell


  1. IQAC will facilitate/contribute towards the internalization of the quality culture
  2. Ensure to build an organized methodology of documentation and coordination among various activities of the institution
  3. Encouraging faculty in research and innovative activities
  4. Providing a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning

Composition of Reconstituted IQAC Cell 2021

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 1st Meeting held on 28-September-2021

Reconstituted IQAC Sub-commitee

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 2nd Meeting held on 24-December-2021

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 3rd Meeting held on 16th March,2022

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 4th Meeting held on 25 April,2022

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 5th Meeting held on 14 May,2022

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 6th Meeting held on 17 August,2022

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 7th Meeting held on 16 March, 2023

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 8th Meeting held on 29 June, 2023

Notice and Minutes of the IQAC 9th Meeting held on 13 July, 2023

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